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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare

The latest production of The Classic Tales Podcastis an episodic presentation of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, by William Shakespeare – a miniseries in 5 episodes. Hamlet has been my favorite play for many, many years and if I had to point to one work of literature that has turned my casual pursuit of books into a passion for the classics, this is it. When I was a teenager, and a junior in high school, I wanted to take it easy. So, instead of enrolling in Honors English 2, as I could have, I thought I’d take the year off, essentially, and enrolled in the “lower grade” English class. This was a profound misstep. While my friends were reading Great Expectations, I was reading Cold, Sassy Tree. When they studied Shakespeare, I read Mrs. Mike.
I have no one to blame but myself, I’m afraid. For my elective reading, I chose Hamlet, and it literally changed my life. I memorized the soliloquies and performed them in drama class. I watched the film productions of Derek Jacobi, Kenneth Branaugh a…
 Like so many of the authors that are now a Classic Tales staple, P.G. Wodehouse was introduced to me by one of my listeners. After reading "Leave It To Jeeves", I was sold. I then went to my library and borrowed all of the Wodehouse audiobooks I could get my hands on. Pelham Grenville Wodehouse was one prolific author! His career spanned over 70 years, and included novels, plays, poems, song lyrics, and numerous pieces of journalism. He enjoyed a great deal of success during his lifetime, something I love to hear about authors in general.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the titles in the P.G. Wodehouse collection, including a brief description about each title:

·Leave it to Jeeves- When one of Bertie Wooster’s American chums needs help in getting his hard-nosed uncle to approve of his intended, Jeeves demonstrates his colossal mind power with the equanimity of a true gentleman’s gentleman.
·Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest-Jeeves stays his hand. Yes, that’s right. Even th…