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P.G. Wodehouse Collection coming soon!

 The latest Classic Tales release will be The P.G. Wodehouse Collection. This will include not only the entire audiobook of "Right Ho, Jeeves", but also contain ALL of the P.G. Wodehouse titles in the current Classic Tales library. I am also including a new Jeeves short story only available in the collection: Extricating Young Gussie. The complete running time will be over 15 hours.
Here is a list of the titles:
Leave It To JeevesJeeves and the Unbidden GuestThe Aunt and the SluggardDeath at the ExcelsiorJeeves and the Hard Boiled EggJeeves in the SpringtimeThe Man UpstairsJeeves and the Chump CyrilJeeves Takes ChargeDeep WatersThe Man Who Disliked CatsExtricating Young GussieRight Ho, Jeeves (The unabridged novel - 7 hours in length) I'm going through and remastering all of the earlier titles, when my recording equipment was on a different level than it is today, so they will all sound nice and clear. The price of the collection will be only 7.99! Tell your friends!

Purpose of the Classic Tales Audiobooks Blog

Hi! The purpose of this blog is to extend your audiobook experience with the titles you'll hear through The Classic Tales Podcast, or purchase through Here I will talk about why I chose this particular title, talk about the author's life, or discuss the themes, language, etc. of the latest Classic Tales Podcast episode. Should be a lot of fun! Tell your friends!